Mandy Moore Looks Back on "A Walk to Remember" (VIDEO)

Released in 2002, it is based on the 1999 romance novel by Nicholas Sparks. Co-starring Shane West, the movie features West as a troubled teen who's hijinks have pushed him to the brink of expulsion from high school. In her first starring role, Mandy Moore plays the daughter of the town preacher whose introverted nature initially repels West, but eventually gains on him as the pair form a life-changing relationship.

As Mandy Moore explains in the video, filming "A Walk to Remember" was a life-changing experience for a teenager just breaking into Hollywood. 

Falling in love with Shane West? Yes, she did! Check out this exclusive interview for details!


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Inside Season 4 Filming of "This is Us" with Mandy Moore!

Fresh off a heart-pounding Season 3 performance in "This is Us" and the big news regarding her FIRST Emmy nomination, Mandy Moore is again back at work and making our hearts flutter in the process!

Filming the newest season of her hit show in Los Angeles recently, Mandy Moore looked positively adorable in a blue, open-shouldered maxi dress that she paired with a retro pair of white Keds.


Fans can expect some new twists for Season 4, as it has been announced that the gorgeous Jennifer Morrison ("Once Upon a Time") will be joining the cast on the heels of another cast member's recent departure.

Given series creator Dan Fogelman's penchant for weaving past, present - and more recently - future, these revelations could signal any number of new twists. Luckily for all of us, wherever the show goes, rest assured Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia will be delivering award-worthy performances!

"This is Us" fans: what do you think is on tap for Season 4? Who do think will be leaving the show? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook by clicking here!

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Saturday Wrap-Up from Mandy Moore Blog!

Hello Friends,

Here's what we've been covering this week both on our Facebook page and on the blog!

This is Us


MOM's rock -- especially when they are played by the lovely, Mandy Moore on NBC's new hit series, "This is Us." The Big Three are truly lucky to have such a wonderful mama!

We also shared Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia's recent appearance on Entertainment Tonight. Discussing NBC's decision to renew "This is Us," it's a must-see and totally adorable! 
A Walk to Remember
Next, we took a trip in the way-back machine to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the release of "A Walk to Remember." So many good memories. Entertainment Weekly has some great tidbits in their article here.
Elle Magazine

We also shared some breaking news, letting you know that Mandy Moore will appear on the February 2017 cover of Elle Magazine. Check out the photos here!

People Magazine

Mandy Moore

Last, but certainly not least, in honor of the 15th Anniversary of a "A Walk to Remember" we provided an answer to a nagging question: why did Mandy officially switch from blonde to brunette?  The answer is here, thanks to People Magazine!

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Breaking: Mandy Moore on Feb 2017 Cover of Elle!

Hello Friends!!!

You aren't dreaming... It's really your very own MM Bloggers here. We're back!!! Best of all, we're back to breaking the latest news on your favorite all-around girl, Mandy Moore!

On to the big news! For those that have not yet heard, we are excited to report that Mandy Moore will appear on the February 2017 cover of Elle Magazine. These amazing photos were taken by noted French photographer, Jean-Francois Campos. Here are two shots, courtesy of Elle.


February 2017 Cover of Elle Magazine  



  Page 271 from February 2017 Elle Magazine

Can we just say that we are obsessed with the vibrant colors on both of her outfits! The cover features a bold cotton dress and silk shirt from the MARNI collection, designed by Totokaelo, NYC. The latter outfit, meanwhile, features a gorgeous sequin dress from Dolce & Gabbana.

This is not Mandy's first appearance on Elle's vaunted cover. Almost ten years ago, she was featured in a springtime feature of super-chic beachwear. How time flies!

Now it's your turn. What do you think of these looks? How excited are you that Mandy Moore is back on the cover of Elle? Join the conversation with us on our Facebook Page right now! 

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Mandy Moore Sitcom Not Picked Up by ABC, Actress Reacts

MandyMoore_TheFamilyTrapPhoto Abc-online-tvWhat a shame! In a suprising twist, The Family Trap, a planned sitcom starring Mandy Moore and directed by Shawn Levy, was not picked up by ABC for the upcoming season.

While the pilot (which has already been shot) could still be aired at some point in the future, it's a stunning setback for a series that promised not only the star power of Mandy Moore, but Roswell's Majandra Delfino, Grease's Stockard Channing, and Psych's Kurt Fuller.

Why the change of heart by ABC? To the surprise of many industry watchers, the network is bringing back six series for their sophomore season, including comedies Suburgatory, Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23, and Last Man Standing, and dramas Once Upon a Time, Scandal, and Revenge.

Also influencing the decision was a renewed focus on winning over new male viewers. Debuting this fall is a slew of male-centered shows including "666 Park Ave," "Gotham," "Family Tools (aka Red Van Man)," and "The Neighbors."

As always, Mandy Moore reacted gracefully. 

Now it's your turn... How do you feel about ABC's decision? Dissapointed? Still hopeful? We want to hear from you! Let us know by commenting on this post or on Twitter @MandyMooreBlog!

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"A Walk to Remember" w/ Mandy Moore on ABC Family!


ABC Family loves Mandy Moore!

We hear A Walk to Remember, starring Mandy Moore will air on ABC Family this evening!

If you've just finished finals or are getting home from a long day at work, this is an awesome chance to catch Mandy in one of her most memorable roles. A Walk to Remember airs on ABC Family, May 9th, 2012 at 6:00pm/5:00c.

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Mandy Moore Blog: Twitterific Weekend, Kick Off To An Exciting Week!


What an amazing weekend! We already knew our readers were the best anywhere, but we were thrilled to hear from so many of you @MandyMooreBlog in response to our Exclusive Interview with Mandy Moore's Cat, Vincent!

Let's just say we had much as fun reading your tweets as we did interviewing Mandy's very handsome feline! 

This week will be even more amazing than the last, so stay tuned for some awesome new features centered on on your girl, Mandy Moore! To kick start the new week, here's a Top 5 list from our weekend comments on Twitter!






HUGE thank you to Mandy Moore, our Top 5, and everyone who retweeted, favorited, or followed us this weekend! Keep the comments coming! And if you haven't already, make sure to follow us on Twitter @MandyMooreBlog! Meow!

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Exclusive Interview with Mandy Moore's Cat, Vincent!

What a week! Here at Mandy Moore Blog, we've covered Mandy Moore's 28th birthday celebration at Moonlight Rollerway with Ryan Adams and Minka Kelly, her Passover celebration with pal, Raina Penchansky, her attendance at Brad Goreski's West Hollywood bash sponsored by Kate Spade, and a special airing of "A Walk to Remember" on ABC Family

Capping off a great week, we're excited to present a first-ever exclusive, a meet and greet with Mandy Moore's cat, Vincent!!!!


MandyMooreBlog: I appreciate you taking the time to meet us, Vincent. It's great to finally meet you.

Vincent: Meow.

MandyMooreBlog: Excuse me?

Vincent: I meant to say ditto. Sorry.

MandyMooreBlog: First off Vincent, I want to congratulate you on your recent rise to fame. A few weeks ago, you were featured in a photo by @TheMandyMoore, and this past Thursday, I see  you've been featured by @TheRyanAdams. How do you feel about all this?

Vincent:  Exhausted! You're my second interview today. I was on the line earlier with Modern Dog.

MandyMooreBlog: Modern Dog?

Vincent: Meo--I mean yes. It was a favor to Joni. She's close with the editor.

MandyMooreBlog: When did you find out Mandy Moore had tweeted your picture? Were you aware that Mandy has 2.4 million followers on Twitter?

Vincent: Well Mandy, she's the sly one. I logged on to check my portfolio and--

MandyMooreBlog: Your portfolio? I'm sorry to interrupt you Vincent, but you're in the market?

Vincent: Of course. I invest in companies who share my core values. Tempur-Pedic and Petco primarily.

MandyMooreBlog: It's where the pets go. Of course. I'm sorry Vincent, please continue.


Vincent: Well, I logged on to check my portfolio, and discovered a retweet of my picture she tweeted. I was shocked.

MandyMooreBlog: What did you say to her?

Vincent: Meow.

MandyMooreBlog: Meow?

Vincent: That's the abbreviated version.

MandyMooreBlog: What about Ryan's tweet? How did you find out about that one?

Vincent: Well after the incident with Mandy, I only had one option. I needed a laptop. Joni turned me onto the MacBook Pro, and she helped me build a compartment under my bed. I know everything about everything now.

MandyMooreBlog: Makes sense. Now just to clarify, Vincent, you're named after Vincent Van Gogh correct? I understand your brother is named after his brother, Theo.

Vincent: That's true, but I never understood why. I still have both ears.

MandyMooreBlog: Very true, Vincent. Happen to have any thoughts on this year's Presidential Election?

Vincent: No contest really. Candidates who lose the cat vote, lose the election. And Romney lost the cat vote when he tied his dog to the top of his car. 'Nuff said. Vote Obama. Meow.

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P.S. Any questions for a follow-up interview with Vincent? Make sure to follow us on Twitter and let us know!

VincentandTheo_mandymoorescats MandyMooreCat_Vincent
(Painting by Mandy Moore's brother, Kyle)

"A Walk to Remember" on ABC Family at 8:30/7:30c

AWalktoRemember_MandyMooreAWalktoRemember_MandyMoore2 has learned that A Walk to Remember, starring Mandy Moore will air on ABC Family later tonight!

If you've been recently itching to see Mandy in her first starring role, this is a great chance to catch it in fantastic quality on cable's ABC Family, April 12, 2012 at 8:30/7:30c.

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