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This is Us


MOM's rock -- especially when they are played by the lovely, Mandy Moore on NBC's new hit series, "This is Us." The Big Three are truly lucky to have such a wonderful mama!

We also shared Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia's recent appearance on Entertainment Tonight. Discussing NBC's decision to renew "This is Us," it's a must-see and totally adorable! 
A Walk to Remember
Next, we took a trip in the way-back machine to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the release of "A Walk to Remember." So many good memories. Entertainment Weekly has some great tidbits in their article here.
Elle Magazine

We also shared some breaking news, letting you know that Mandy Moore will appear on the February 2017 cover of Elle Magazine. Check out the photos here!

People Magazine

Mandy Moore

Last, but certainly not least, in honor of the 15th Anniversary of a "A Walk to Remember" we provided an answer to a nagging question: why did Mandy officially switch from blonde to brunette?  The answer is here, thanks to People Magazine!

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Exclusive Interview with Mandy Moore's Cat, Vincent!

What a week! Here at Mandy Moore Blog, we've covered Mandy Moore's 28th birthday celebration at Moonlight Rollerway with Ryan Adams and Minka Kelly, her Passover celebration with pal, Raina Penchansky, her attendance at Brad Goreski's West Hollywood bash sponsored by Kate Spade, and a special airing of "A Walk to Remember" on ABC Family

Capping off a great week, we're excited to present a first-ever exclusive, a meet and greet with Mandy Moore's cat, Vincent!!!!


MandyMooreBlog: I appreciate you taking the time to meet us, Vincent. It's great to finally meet you.

Vincent: Meow.

MandyMooreBlog: Excuse me?

Vincent: I meant to say ditto. Sorry.

MandyMooreBlog: First off Vincent, I want to congratulate you on your recent rise to fame. A few weeks ago, you were featured in a photo by @TheMandyMoore, and this past Thursday, I see  you've been featured by @TheRyanAdams. How do you feel about all this?

Vincent:  Exhausted! You're my second interview today. I was on the line earlier with Modern Dog.

MandyMooreBlog: Modern Dog?

Vincent: Meo--I mean yes. It was a favor to Joni. She's close with the editor.

MandyMooreBlog: When did you find out Mandy Moore had tweeted your picture? Were you aware that Mandy has 2.4 million followers on Twitter?

Vincent: Well Mandy, she's the sly one. I logged on to check my portfolio and--

MandyMooreBlog: Your portfolio? I'm sorry to interrupt you Vincent, but you're in the market?

Vincent: Of course. I invest in companies who share my core values. Tempur-Pedic and Petco primarily.

MandyMooreBlog: It's where the pets go. Of course. I'm sorry Vincent, please continue.


Vincent: Well, I logged on to check my portfolio, and discovered a retweet of my picture she tweeted. I was shocked.

MandyMooreBlog: What did you say to her?

Vincent: Meow.

MandyMooreBlog: Meow?

Vincent: That's the abbreviated version.

MandyMooreBlog: What about Ryan's tweet? How did you find out about that one?

Vincent: Well after the incident with Mandy, I only had one option. I needed a laptop. Joni turned me onto the MacBook Pro, and she helped me build a compartment under my bed. I know everything about everything now.

MandyMooreBlog: Makes sense. Now just to clarify, Vincent, you're named after Vincent Van Gogh correct? I understand your brother is named after his brother, Theo.

Vincent: That's true, but I never understood why. I still have both ears.

MandyMooreBlog: Very true, Vincent. Happen to have any thoughts on this year's Presidential Election?

Vincent: No contest really. Candidates who lose the cat vote, lose the election. And Romney lost the cat vote when he tied his dog to the top of his car. 'Nuff said. Vote Obama. Meow.

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VincentandTheo_mandymoorescats MandyMooreCat_Vincent
(Painting by Mandy Moore's brother, Kyle) Presents Mandy Moore's Wrap-Up: October!

As we prepare to dedicate another exclusive edition of Mandy Moore's Monthly Wrap-Up, we'd like to first congratulate Ryan Adams on a great 36th birthday. May there be many Moore to come!


With the release of Tangled less than two months away, October started with a bang as Mandy shot an eight page spread for the November 2010 issue of O Magazine. Sporting a classy blend of Fall/Winter styles from the likes of Jason Wu, Ralph Lauren and D&G, Mandy channeled an outdoorsy vibe with earthier pieces from Woolrich and J Crew. "Fall has always been my favorite time," noted the brown-haired beauty."That sense of renewal is so engrained from school."


On another note, Mandy paid homage to prime time TV this month as she appeared for the second time on ABC's hit show, Grey's Anatomy. Airing October 28th, the episode features a documentary film crew's visit to Seattle Grace just six months after the dramatic shooting spree that closed out season 6. Appearing for a final course of treatment after a lengthy series of traveling, Mandy makes a point to remind Dr. Miranda Bailey that she has learned that "life is short." Thought-provoking and at the same heart-breaking, this is one episode not to be missed.

October was also the month for interviews as Mandy appeared for a late night chat with Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. Dressed to kill in a little black dress, Mandy waxed poetic on the "cathartic" nature of vacuuming, and a Halloween potluck involving the arrival of some very embarrassing "herbal"-laced cookies. Discussing the upcoming release of Disney's Tangled, Kimmel celebrated the film with a showcase of several signing Rapunzel dolls, now available at Disney's online store. Despite being one of our favorites, Jimmy Kimmel Live was just one of Mandy's scheduled appearances. She was also featured in an exclusive article on

As the month came and went, we could barely contain ourselves over the release of several new previews for Disney's latest animated feature film, Tangled! The film even earned its very own attraction at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA which was kicked off by none other than Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi!

Don't miss its debut in theaters, November 24th, 2010!!

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Mandy Moore Fights Cervical Cancer in 'Reality Check' Video

While February marked the conclusion of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, the danger caused by this proven killer is one that sadly remains. According to the Gynecological Cancer Foundation, cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in woman in their 20s and 30s.

Educating countless young women through the Gynecological Cancer Foundation Reality Check Campaign, Mandy Moore has taken a leading role in the fight against cervical cancer. A participant in GCF's Race to End Women's Cancer this past November, Mandy uses both her youth and her influence to make a real difference. "I think I feel really compelled as a young woman to continue to educate myself, and use this platform to educate other young women out there," she reveals.

In honor of the ongoing fight against cervical cancer, is proud to feature Mandy's Reality Check for a Good Cause video, courtesy of People Magazine.


MM Bloggers

Mandy Moore Discusses 'Amanda Leigh,' Mike Viola, and More on Fuse TV!

In a chat with Fuse TV, Mandy Moore sat down for an insightful look at her hit 2009 album, Amanda Leigh. Discussing a well-known collaboration with musician/producer Mike Viola, Mandy assessed her creative process, and weighed the characteristics of her latest record against her fifth studio release, Wild Hope.

In the October interview, Mandy details her first interaction with her soon-to-be musical partner. "I met Mike Viola through our mutual friend, Inara George," recalls Mandy. "I immediately hit it off with him, and just innately knew that we were going to make this record together."

Assessing the songwriting, Mandy is candid as she summarizes the inspiration behind Amanda Leigh. "As a writer I'm still stuck in the idea of writing for selfish reasons," admits Mandy. "[I write] to garner a little bit more understanding about situations, or people, or things that have happened in my life." "More than anything," she adds, "I'd say the overwhelming theme is the idea of home and trying to understand what home is now, and finding possibly a new definition in my life."

Comparing her latest release to that of Wild Hope, Mandy points to a considerably shorter production period for Amanda Leigh. "The album itself was written in such a compact amount of time...and I subsequently recorded it immediately afterwards, [so] it very much felt like its own little project," says Mandy. "WIld Hope was written sporadically over three or four years. I found myself having to work a little bit harder in that situation to relate to those songs because I wasn't necessarily in that same frame of mind."

Don't miss the rest of this fabulous interview, right here at!

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Mandy Moore Talks 'I Could Break Your Heart' on Ralphie Radio Show


Following the release of her sixth studio album in 2009, Mandy Moore delivered a memorable interview with celebrity jock Ralphie Aversa on Rhode Island's 92 Pro-FM.

In the midst of scheduled appearances from New York to Los Angeles, Mandy's interview on the Ralphie Radio Show offers a unique insight into the A-list singer/actress. Promoting her hit single, "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week," Mandy delves into the song's "sassiness," the dynamics of her latest album, and her recent marriage to former Cardinals-frontman, rocker Ryan Adams.

Addressing the confidence behind her hit single, Mandy explains, "With this record, it's all about taking control and growing more comfortable in your own skin. I wrote the whole record, and I figured it was a fun opportunity to play out this edge that is missing from my reality. It's not a proclamation...but at least it's fun to infuse that confidence into a song!"

Discussing her choice to release "Amanda Leigh" as an independent album, Mandy is optimistic as she looks forward to the future. "Everything has happened the way it's supposed to, but it's nice to have the luxury of freedom now. I'm 25 now, and it's sort of fitting now to wear this badge of sassiness!"

As for Ryan Adams opinion of "Amanda Leigh?" "I'm very lucky to have a very supportive spouse," noted Mandy. "He liked it!"

Enjoy the rest of Mandy's interview, right here on!

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Mandy Moore Interview: Part One
Mandy Moore Interview: Part Two

Mandy Moore Vows to Make More Time 'for Mandy' in Newly Released Video is excited to feature a newly released video clip taken from Mandy Moore's conversation with life coach and inspirational speaker, Mel Robbins!

Sitting down at Borders Books in Boston, Mandy discussed her strengths and weaknesses as she candidly described her relationships with her peers, friends and family. Dubbed a "people-pleaser" by Robbins, the now-25 year old songstress admitted that she often sacrifices her health and happiness in order to please others. 

"I think I make excuses for not taking time for myself-- just for Mandy," she says. "I'm a perfectionist and I love my job, and I pour everything I have into that, and lately I've tended to feel a little bit empty. People ask, what are you're hobbies?  And I'm like... I don't know! I haven't had a hobby since I was a kid! I think I make excuses because of my job on behalf of not finding enough stuff to balance my life out."

To watch the entire interview, click here!


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Mandy Moore EmpowHERs in the Fight Against Cervical Cancer!


In a final push just prior to the end of Cervical Cancer Awareness month, Mandy Moore sat down with to discuss her recent advocacy on behalf of the Gynecological Cancer Foundation's Reality Check Campaign.

Since joining the Gynecological Cancer Foundation and GlaxoSmithKline, Mandy has worked tirelessly to spread the word about cervical cancer. Sitting down with EmpowHER's Todd Hartley, the 25 year old discussed her motivation in joining the campaign, and her own feelings about the devastating disease. 

Addressing a recent study suggesting that young women know more about pop culture than their own cervical health, Mandy responded candidly. "It's definitely attributed to that lack of awareness," she conceded, that as "young women...[we] probably have the idea that our cervix doesn't even factor in until decide we want to have a child. The [Reality Check Campaign] is really just to encourage young woman to start this dialogue and [talk] about their cervical health."

As a young woman, Mandy expressed a sense of responsibility for all women in her age group. "I feel very, very lucky that this hasn't personally affected me, but being young...I think I really relate to a lot of those women..." she confessed. "One in five doesn't known what their cervix I definitely felt like there was a need to add a voice to this cause."

A special guest at the Gynecological Cancer Foundation's first-ever Race to End Women's Cancer, Mandy expressed awe for her fellow participants. "It's incredible to put a face to the cause, and to have that backed up by their unbelievably heroic, incredible journeys," said Mandy. "When you hear the word cancer, its incredibly scary...[and] it was just an empowering event to be around all those women."

For the rest of Mandy's interview, click here!

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Mandy Moore Finds 'Balance' in Advocacy Against Cervical Cancer

From appearing on PIX 11 Morning News to AP Live, Mandy Moore has made no secret of her determination to raise awareness of cervical cancer. As the second leading cause of cancer death for women in their 20's and 30's, cervical cancer is a preventable, yet still-deadly disease.

As we look forward to the final days of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, is thrilled to offer the final portion of Mandy's recent interview on AP LIve. Dedicated to Mandy's recent philanthropic efforts, Mandy talks cervical cancer, and its impact on young women.

Noting her involvement in the Gynecological Cancer Foundation's Reality Check Campaign, Mandy offers a candid portrayal of the disease. "85 percent of woman surveyed about cervical cancer had no idea they were at risk!" says Mandy. "That fact was just mind-boggling!"

"I think its always important to find the balance in life," explains Mandy, "I feel really lucky on one hand to be doing something that I am unbelievably passionate about, and to be able to follow that up with causes that resonate with me, [is] one of the more important things to me."

We couldn't agree more, Mandy!

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Mandy Moore Dishes on "Rapunzel," Married Life & More!

Several weeks ago, we featured Mandy Moore as she sat down with the Associated Press for the news organization's AP Live show. Discussing everything from Rapunzel to her recent marriage to rocker Ryan Adams, Mandy's thoughts were insightful and thought-provoking. 

As a follow-up to our original article, is proud to present a portion of Mandy's interview in its entirety. Speaking at length about her role as Disney's newest princess, Mandy discusses her feelings for Ryan and her intentions for an upcoming album.

Comparing the responsibilities of voiceover actors to those of on-screen actors, Mandy raves, "It's so much fun! I really like the elements of being able to dress casually, and not having to worry about performing on camera!" An an added benefit, she adds, "it entails so much of your imagination--it's like flexing this childhood muscle!"

Discussing her recent nuptials, Mandy's attitude is honest yet upbeat. "Life now, doesn't feel extraordinarily different. I really felt like a complete woman before, so it was never about searching for that person that would fulfill me in some way. I think I'm the best version of myself now."

As for Mandy's seventh studio album? In her own words, it's slowly but surely coming. "I'm not quite sure what this next record is going to be," she admits, "but I think I'm ready to get out of my head and put it down on paper."

We couldn't be more excited, Mandy!

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