Exclusive Interview with Mandy Moore's Cat, Vincent!

What a week! Here at Mandy Moore Blog, we've covered Mandy Moore's 28th birthday celebration at Moonlight Rollerway with Ryan Adams and Minka Kelly, her Passover celebration with pal, Raina Penchansky, her attendance at Brad Goreski's West Hollywood bash sponsored by Kate Spade, and a special airing of "A Walk to Remember" on ABC Family

Capping off a great week, we're excited to present a first-ever exclusive, a meet and greet with Mandy Moore's cat, Vincent!!!!


MandyMooreBlog: I appreciate you taking the time to meet us, Vincent. It's great to finally meet you.

Vincent: Meow.

MandyMooreBlog: Excuse me?

Vincent: I meant to say ditto. Sorry.

MandyMooreBlog: First off Vincent, I want to congratulate you on your recent rise to fame. A few weeks ago, you were featured in a photo by @TheMandyMoore, and this past Thursday, I see  you've been featured by @TheRyanAdams. How do you feel about all this?

Vincent:  Exhausted! You're my second interview today. I was on the line earlier with Modern Dog.

MandyMooreBlog: Modern Dog?

Vincent: Meo--I mean yes. It was a favor to Joni. She's close with the editor.

MandyMooreBlog: When did you find out Mandy Moore had tweeted your picture? Were you aware that Mandy has 2.4 million followers on Twitter?

Vincent: Well Mandy, she's the sly one. I logged on to check my portfolio and--

MandyMooreBlog: Your portfolio? I'm sorry to interrupt you Vincent, but you're in the market?

Vincent: Of course. I invest in companies who share my core values. Tempur-Pedic and Petco primarily.

MandyMooreBlog: It's where the pets go. Of course. I'm sorry Vincent, please continue.


Vincent: Well, I logged on to check my portfolio, and discovered a retweet of my picture she tweeted. I was shocked.

MandyMooreBlog: What did you say to her?

Vincent: Meow.

MandyMooreBlog: Meow?

Vincent: That's the abbreviated version.

MandyMooreBlog: What about Ryan's tweet? How did you find out about that one?

Vincent: Well after the incident with Mandy, I only had one option. I needed a laptop. Joni turned me onto the MacBook Pro, and she helped me build a compartment under my bed. I know everything about everything now.

MandyMooreBlog: Makes sense. Now just to clarify, Vincent, you're named after Vincent Van Gogh correct? I understand your brother is named after his brother, Theo.

Vincent: That's true, but I never understood why. I still have both ears.

MandyMooreBlog: Very true, Vincent. Happen to have any thoughts on this year's Presidential Election?

Vincent: No contest really. Candidates who lose the cat vote, lose the election. And Romney lost the cat vote when he tied his dog to the top of his car. 'Nuff said. Vote Obama. Meow.

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VincentandTheo_mandymoorescats MandyMooreCat_Vincent
(Painting by Mandy Moore's brother, Kyle)

Spotted: Mandy Moore Shopping at The Urban Pet!


Mandy Moore was spotted enjoying a relaxing day in downtown Los Angeles recently, as she took in a much-needed shopping-trip to The Urban Pet.

Sporting a striped long-sleeved shirt and skinny jeans, Mandy spent the afternoon focused on the four-legged members of her family, as she bought toys and supplies for Joni and her three feline siblings.

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Ryan Adams Quietly Contributes to Popular Blog, The Awl

Since August, it has been no secret that the hottest blogger on the net is 34 year old, former Cardinals frontman, Ryan Adams, aka D.R. Adams. Appearing most recently as a contributing writer to the popular blog, The Awl, Ryan has impressed readers with his reviews of popular vintage games, including Gravitar, Galaxian 2, and perhaps most notably, '80's favorite, Gorf.

Equally exciting, has been gorgeous songstress, Mandy Moore's role in Ryan's recent work. Filming the accompanying video for Ryan's review of Gorf, Ryan's talented wife is credited as the video's co-director under the undeniably cute pseudonym of Amanda Adams. 

Fans of Mandy and Ryan's adorable dog Joni, will also appreciate a handful of scenes featuring the one-and-a-half year old terrier-mix!


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Introducing Mandy Moore's Gorgeous Terrier-Mix, Joni!

Not much in the way of news today, so we thought we'd introduce Joni. Also known as Malone and Scrapper Jones, she is Mandy Moore's one-and-a-half year old terrier mix. A former pound puppy, Joni was adopted last year. In an interview with Women's Health Magazine, Mandy recalls:

"She came right over and put her chin on my knee,
and sort of sighed, like 'I'm home.' I just knew." 

Since becoming a member of the family, Joni has enjoyed the East Side neighborhood frequented by Mandy Moore and her sweetie, Ryan Adams. Often seen taking walks, she has also been pictured on Mandy Moore's blog enjoying the creature comforts.


Happy Sunday, everyone!

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