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On to the big news! For those that have not yet heard, we are excited to report that Mandy Moore will appear on the February 2017 cover of Elle Magazine. These amazing photos were taken by noted French photographer, Jean-Francois Campos. Here are two shots, courtesy of Elle.


February 2017 Cover of Elle Magazine  



  Page 271 from February 2017 Elle Magazine

Can we just say that we are obsessed with the vibrant colors on both of her outfits! The cover features a bold cotton dress and silk shirt from the MARNI collection, designed by Totokaelo, NYC. The latter outfit, meanwhile, features a gorgeous sequin dress from Dolce & Gabbana.

This is not Mandy's first appearance on Elle's vaunted cover. Almost ten years ago, she was featured in a springtime feature of super-chic beachwear. How time flies!

Now it's your turn. What do you think of these looks? How excited are you that Mandy Moore is back on the cover of Elle? Join the conversation with us on our Facebook Page right now! 

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Mandy Moore Won 'Tangled' Role Over Rachel Bilson


Rachel Bilson reveals in the November 2011 edition of Nylon Magazine that she auditioned to play Rapunzel in the 2010 Disney classic, "Tangled!"

"I sang 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen and I went in before Mandy Moore!" notes the "Hart of Dixie" star. "I was totally mortified. It was just me, her, and her husband, Ryan Adams, who is an amazing musician. I was like 'Hi!' 'You can really sing!' I felt like such an a**."

All's well that ends well, we think!

In other news, we were thrilled to hear about a pair of well-deserved Grammy nominations for "Tangled," recently! Announced December 1st, 2011 for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, the nominations include Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media ("Tangled Soundtrack") and Best Song Written for Visual Media ("I See The Light").

Interestingly, in the soundtrack category, "Tangled" goes up against another pop culture titan in "Glee: The Music, Volume 4." In the meantime, check out this amazing compilation video featuring "I See The Light!"

MM Bloggers Presents Mandy Moore's Wrap-Up: October!

As we prepare to dedicate another exclusive edition of Mandy Moore's Monthly Wrap-Up, we'd like to first congratulate Ryan Adams on a great 36th birthday. May there be many Moore to come!


With the release of Tangled less than two months away, October started with a bang as Mandy shot an eight page spread for the November 2010 issue of O Magazine. Sporting a classy blend of Fall/Winter styles from the likes of Jason Wu, Ralph Lauren and D&G, Mandy channeled an outdoorsy vibe with earthier pieces from Woolrich and J Crew. "Fall has always been my favorite time," noted the brown-haired beauty."That sense of renewal is so engrained from school."


On another note, Mandy paid homage to prime time TV this month as she appeared for the second time on ABC's hit show, Grey's Anatomy. Airing October 28th, the episode features a documentary film crew's visit to Seattle Grace just six months after the dramatic shooting spree that closed out season 6. Appearing for a final course of treatment after a lengthy series of traveling, Mandy makes a point to remind Dr. Miranda Bailey that she has learned that "life is short." Thought-provoking and at the same heart-breaking, this is one episode not to be missed.

October was also the month for interviews as Mandy appeared for a late night chat with Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. Dressed to kill in a little black dress, Mandy waxed poetic on the "cathartic" nature of vacuuming, and a Halloween potluck involving the arrival of some very embarrassing "herbal"-laced cookies. Discussing the upcoming release of Disney's Tangled, Kimmel celebrated the film with a showcase of several signing Rapunzel dolls, now available at Disney's online store. Despite being one of our favorites, Jimmy Kimmel Live was just one of Mandy's scheduled appearances. She was also featured in an exclusive article on

As the month came and went, we could barely contain ourselves over the release of several new previews for Disney's latest animated feature film, Tangled! The film even earned its very own attraction at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA which was kicked off by none other than Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi!

Don't miss its debut in theaters, November 24th, 2010!!

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Mandy Moore Covers Shape Magazine Hungary!

80147_septimiu-Mandy_Moore_-_SHAPE_Hungary_512_122_50lo International audiences have long-admired songstress Mandy Moore for her sensational voice, Hollywood glam-style beauty, and winning personality.   

While American audiences enjoyed Mandy's recent spread on the cover of Shape Magazine, fans in Eastern Europe were treated to an equally exciting cover on Shape Magazine Hungary.

An exciting treat for Mandy's Hungarian fanbase, the February 2010 issue of Shape is just one of many international covers garnered by the exciting Mandy Moore. Since 2003, Mandy has appeared on mag's from all over the world, including the Czech Republic, Singapore, China, Australia, and France.


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"Heartbreaker" and "Gold" on Rolling Stone's 100 Best Albums of the Decade List!

RyanAdamsHeartbreakerGold_ryan-adams1 would like to congratulate Ryan Adams on the tremendous honor of being named to Rolling Stone's 100 Best Albums of the Decade List!

Remarkably, Ryan comes in twice on the poll, ranking at #38 for "Heartbreaker," and again at #81 Rolling Stonefor "Gold." One of just a few artists to appear twice on the prestigious list, Ryan joins such legendary acts as Radiohead, The White Stripes, Eminem, Bob Dylan, and Jay-Z.

While the mag's latest list is one of Ryan's highest honors, it is by no means his first. A frequent honoree on Rolling Stone's musical polls, Ryan has accepted recent accolades from TimesOnline, New Music Express, and Paste Magazine

Way to go, Ryan!

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Mandy Moore Named to The Best of 2009: The Women of Details!

MandyMooreDetails2 is thrilled to announce that talented beauty, Mandy Moore, has been named to The Best of 2009: The Women of Details!

Arriving on the heels of her May 2009 photo spread, Mandy's selection joins that of eight other A-list women, including Amber Heard, Hayden Panettiere, Mila Kunis, and Emmy Rossum.  

Noting Mandy's bubble-gum past, the magazine briefly describes her new "grown up" musical style. "The music is a reflection of me now, not somebody else's choices," says Mandy. 

Published by Conde Nast Publications, Details was founded in 1982 as a men's magazine. Though primarily devoted to fashion and lifestyle, Details also features reports on relevant social and political views. 

Congratulations, Mandy!

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Mandy Moore Hits Newsstands on January Cover of Shape Magazine!

Mandy-Moore-Shape-1 Marking the end of an exciting year filled with personal and professional milestones, songstress Mandy Moore sounded off on her New Year's resolutions in the January issue of Shape Magazine.

On newsstands now, Mandy is unyieldingly adorable as she professes her love for apples with peanut butter, cucumber water and mahogany candles. Yet in many ways, the 25 year old singer, actress, spokesmodel, philanthropist, and wife still sees room from improvement. "It's hard to find that balance when I'm working so much," says Mandy. "I need to be more consistent about taking care of myself no matter how busy I am."

Like many women, Mandy's resolutions begin and end with self-improvement. From actually sticking out her guitar lessons to learning French, Mandy is a woman driven to achieve her goals. Eager to fulfill her dreams of living in Paris, she vows to regularly study with her personal copy of Rosetta Stone. "My plan is, every day before dinner, I'm going to schedule 15 minutes to do one of the lessons on the computer. No excuses!"

Mandy also vows to focus on maintaining her health. For the last year, Mandy has been splitting her workouts between three 45 minute pilate classes and three 45 minute hikes per week. This year, Mandy vows to add balance to her workouts to maximize her overall health. "I have all the equipment in my house and it's just collecting dust," says Mandy. "After pilates I should do some cardio, and after cardio, I need to do some some resistance training."

To read the rest of the interview, the January edition of Shape is on newsstands now! Don't miss it!

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Elle Magazine Airbrushes Mandy Moore's Lucky Cover, Makes it Their Own

Watermarked Image Courtesy of Coco Perez

In the annals of magazine lore, this faux pas ranks as one the strangest...

In an item first reported by celebrity blogger Coco Perez aka Perez Hilton, Elle Magazine simply couldn't bear to airbrush out the September issue of Lucky Magazine featuring Mandy Moore.

So they simply edited out Lucky's brand name, and replaced it with their own logo.

Apparently that seemed easier than airbrushing out the entire magazine, and replacing it with September's issue of Elle, featuring film star Jennifer Aniston.

Whatever the case, we'll take it as a compliment.

Thanks for the tip, Perez!

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