5 Gift Ideas for Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams Fans!

MandyMoore5GiftIdeasIt's that time of year again for yuletide carols and stocking stuffers, and if you happen to be shopping for that special Mandy Moore or Ryan Adams fan in your life, you're in luck! is excited to present our inaugural 5 Gift Ideas for Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams Fans!

5. A well-known advocate in the field of global health and climate change, Mandy Moore's philanthropic journey has taken her from the Darfur region of Southern Sudan to here at home on Capitol Hill. Ryan Adams's vocal support of funding for the arts and AIDS research, meanwhile, has benefited Vh1's Save the Music, and New York's famous Housing Works Bookstore Cafe.  Together Mandy and Ryan are two of Tinseltown's most influential social activists. This year, give the gift of social activism by donating in the name of your very own Mandy Moore or Ryan Adams fan. It will make you and your loved one feel good, and you can bet its at the top of Mandy and Ryan's wishlist!

4. In the beginning of 2010, celebrated the release of Neal Casel's photographic tribute to Ryan Adams and the Cardinals entitled "Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: A View of Other Windows." Nearly two years later, it remains one of the defining photographic collections featuring the band known for hits ranging from "Let It Ride," "Cold Roses," and "Dear John." Best of all, it's the perfect gift for Ryan Adams fans and rock enthusiasts alike!

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Mandy Moore Speaks at 'Power of One Percent' Gala


Actress Mandy Moore joined Barbara P. Bush and Ronan Farrow for a star-studded gala at D.C.'s famous Newseum, recently.

Dubbed "The Power of One Percent" to mark the percentage of the United States budget spent on civilian foreign aid, the October 3rd event celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the government bureau primarily responsible for administering foreign aid. 

Serving as Population Services International (PSI) Global Ambassador, Mandy participated in a keynote discussion with Ronan FarrowU.S. Department of State Special Advisor to the Secretary of State for Global Youth Issues (and son of director Woody Allen and Mia Farrow). Touting the global health benefits of civilian foreign aid, Mandy urged those in attendance to protect against burdensome Capitol Hill funding cuts that could do harm to global health initiatives worldwide.


Joining Barbara P. Bush and PSI CEO Karl Hoffman at a press reception earlier in the day, Mandy took the time to also reflect on a recent health mission to Cameroon. Looking back, she stresses that foreign aid is a good investment. "My basic message," she said, "is for Congress to stay the course on funding global health."

Keep fighting the good fight, Mandy!

MM Bloggers Presents Mandy Moore's Wrap-Up: April! is excited to present yet another edition of Mandy Moore's Monthly Wrap-Up

MandyMooreBirthday April started in a big way as Mandy Moore celebrated her 26th birthday on April 10th! All the very best on another year, Mandy!

On April 26th, Mandy took the plunge into prime time television with a scheduled cameo on the season finale of ABC's Grey's Anatomy! Airing May 20th, 2010, Mandy will play Mary, a patient of Dr. Miranda Bailey, played by Chandra WIlson.MandyMooreGreysAnatomy Joining a talented line of guest stars, Mandy follows actresses Sara Gilbert and Demi Lovato on the hit series' sixth season.  

On April 29th, legendary actors James Brolin and Jane Seymour were added to the cast of Love, Wedding, Marriage! Slated to play Mandy Moore's parents, Brolin and Seymour bring more than half  UnitedAgainstMalariaa century of acting experience to Mandy's newest romantic comedy. Twilight Saga's Kellan Lutz also stars in Dermot Mulroney's directorial debut. 

On May 2nd, Mandy continued the fight against malaria in Africa. With increased awareness of South Africa due to this year's World Cup, Mandy took to her popular Twitter-feed to join government leaders, professional athletes, and entertainment insiders in support of Dedicated to combatting malaria, the site encourages both awareness and direct action in stopping the disease.

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Mandy Moore Continues Fight Against Malaria in Support of New Website!

Mandy_moore_event_main  UnitedAgainstMalaria Worldcup2010_MandyMoore

In conjunction with World Cup 2010, Mandy Moore continued the fight against malaria in Africa with a series of posts on her popular Twitter-feed

"An African child dies of malaria every 30 seconds -- use your voice to change that," urged Mandy. "Show world leaders you're committed to sending nets and saving lives," she continued. "Ours is the generation that can end malaria. Join me and use your voice to make history and save lives. "

With a keen eye towards helping stopping the spread of malaria, Mandy's latest efforts come on behalf of Organized by leaders in government, professional sports, and entertainment sectors, uses the upcoming World Cup soccer tournament to promote malaria-relief through awareness and direct action.

Fans may remember Mandy's first efforts at malaria-awareness through a high-profile trip to Southern Sudan in 2009. Joining forces with Population Services International (PSI) and the Global Fund, Mandy launched an unprecedented initiative bringing three million new mosquito nets to aid in the country's ongoing fight against malaria.

For more information on this incredible effort, simply visit

MM Bloggers Launches Mandy Moore's Monthly Wrap-Up: March!

As we look forward to the beginning of a new month, is proud to introduce MandyMoore_RyanAdamsAnniversaryour newest feature, Mandy Moore's Monthly Wrap-Up!

March started off with a celebration as Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on March 10th. Exchanging their vows at a small country church in Savannah, Georgia, the couple's impromptu nuptials allowed them some much-needed privacy. Wedding planner Chad Baker shares his observations

On March 16, Mandy renewed ties with Coach as "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week" appeared on Coach's latest ad for its Spring 2010 footwear. Coincidence? Not likely. Just ten MandyMoore_WorldWaterDaydays later, Mandy lent her voice to Coach's Poppy Collection. Stay tuned on this one...

On March 23nd, Mandy Moore joined Senator John Kerry, U.S. Representatives Earl Blumenauer and Jim McGovern, Alexandra Cousteau, Population Services International and students from Oyster-Adams Bilingual School on Capitol Hill for World Water Day. Along the way, Mandy spoke before lawmakers and assisted in a record-setting attempt to form the world's longest toilet queue. Don't miss some extensive coverage on this story...

On March 1st, fans of Mandy Moore were treated to a sneak MandyMoore_CervicalCancerpeek of Disney's Tangled! Focusing mainly on Rapunzel and her would-be suitor, Flynn, played by Zachary Levi, the preview sheds new light on what could be a real swashbuckler! Interestingly enough, a more extensive-yet-unfinished preview was leaked to OhNoTheyDidn't on March 20th. 

On March 6th, Mandy Moore signed on with GlaxoSmithKline for the launch of the pharmco's splashy new website,! GSK's first venture with Mandy outside of a recent partnership with the Gynecological Cancer Foundation, the move was further cemented with a series of national TV commercials on March 14th. This one seems to be ongoing...

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Alexandra Cousteau Joins Mandy Moore in World Water Day Briefing


During a trip to Capitol Hill last Tuesday, Mandy Moore joined Alexandra Cousteau in a briefing with lawmakers for World Water Day.

The briefing, called "The Ripple Effect of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene on Global Health and Development, brought to attention the growing water crisis, as supporters like Mandy Moore and Alexandra Cousteau shared their diverse knowledge on the important issue.

"During my travels, I can't tell you how many people have come up to me saying, 'Alexandra, water is life,'" Cousteau said.  

The granddaughter of famed French explorer Jacque Cousteau, Alexandra Cousteau is a Georgetown-educated environmentalist and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer for the Class of 2008. A well-known conservation advocate, Cousteau is a supporter of restoration and sustainable water management. 

MandyMoore_AlexandraCousteau_WorldWaterDay In 2008, Cousteau established the Blue Legacy organization to help protect the Earth's oceans. Exploring critical water issues across the globe, the organization began its first initiative with an intercontinental journey known as Exploration Blue Planet. Returning in 2009, the organization kicked off the Blue Action Dialogues, to develop an annual platform for future initiatives. Marking all-new venture, Cousteau and Blue Legacy celebrate yet another accomplishment with the release of Cousteau's upcoming book, "This Blue Planet." 

To date, Cousteau can be seen with her brother, Phillipe, Jr, on Discovery Channel's Blue August. She can can also be found on Planet Green as Chief Correspondent on Water Issues. 

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Mandy Moore Promotes April 2010 "Water" Issue of National Geographic!

MandyMoore_NationalGeographic As part of her efforts for World Water Day, Mandy Moore provided lawmakers on Capitol Hill with copies of the April issue of National Geographic

Founded in 1888 for the "increase and diffusion of geographical knowledge," the National Geographic Society is one of the country's foremost scientific and educational institutions. With a membership standing at more than 8.5 million, National Geographic employs more than 1500 writers, photographers, and scientists in bases across the world. 

As a leader in the natural and scientific fields, the focus of National Geographic on the global water crisis signals a significant commitment by the publication. Focusing on a number of challenging areas, the April issue looks at the effects of the water crisis on developing countries, its impact on freshwater creatures, and regions with notable water issues, including the Tibetan Plateau and the Jordan River. The issue also look at solutions such as desalinization and the efforts of water conservation.

Noting the impact of this major discussion, National Geographic has also taken the unusual step of publishing its entire issue at

Be a part of the solution by enjoying April's issue of National Geographic!

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Mandy Moore Admits to Nervousness over World Water Day Address in D.C.

MandyMoore_WorldWaterDay_Capitol2010 During a trip to Capitol Hill on World Water Day, Mandy Moore admitted to feeling a general sense of nervousness over a planned address to lawmakers.

"It's overwhelming, but I would say there are probably more nerves attached to doing something like this than my regular day job," Mandy confessed to Yeas & Nays Tuesday.

In spite of her nerves, Mandy delivered a powerful message as she plied members of Congress to support access to safe, clean water and improved sanitation in the developing world. She met lawmakers including Senator John Kerry, and Representatives Earl Blumenauer and Jim McGovern

"Here on Capitol Hill, it's pretty hard for us to imagine what it's like to face illness every time we are thirsty, but it's a reality in Southern Sudan," said Mandy. "It is an overwhelmingly tragic situation but the good news is we can do something about it."

For more information on World Water Day, visit

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Mandy Moore Leads Drive to Form World's Longest Toilet Queue


Mandy Moore joined forces with Population Services International and students from Oyster-Adams Bilingual School in an attempt to form the world's longest toilet queue, today.

In honor of World Water Day, the record-setting attempt came as Mandy visited Washington D.C. to discuss issues surrounding unreliable access to safe water and sanitation. Meeting with Senator John Kerry and Congressman Jim McGovern, supporters rallied behind a new global health initiative founded through life-saving investments in water, sanitation, and hygiene projects.

Following the briefing, Mandy led a boisterous rally on the way to forming what supporters hoped would be the world's longest toilet queue. Taking part in a photo shoot on Capitol Hill, Mandy seemed thrilled to be taking part in such a positive movement.

Flanked by supporters both young and old, Mandy was all smiles in a three-quarter sleeved blazer, skinny jeans and flats.

Great work, Mandy!

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Mandy Moore to Share the Burden of World Water Day on Capitol Hill


In solidarity with the nearly one in six people around the world who lack clean drinking water, Mandy Moore will travel to Washington D.C. to participate in World Water Day!

Tuesday, March 23rd, Mandy heads to Capitol Hill to join Population Services International for a series of activities in observance of World Water Day. Coming as the U.S. Senate debates the Paul Simon Water for the World Act, Mandy will formally address members of Congress on her recent trip to Southern Sudan and pass out complimentary copies of National Geographic's April issue on water.

MandyMoore_Cute_2010 In honor of World Water Day, Mandy will also join hundreds of clean water advocates in an attempt to break the record for the world's largest toilet queue. Designed to "bring awareness to the need for improved hygiene and sanitation in developing countries around the world," Mandy and others hope to bring attention to the issue of water, and urge for continued policy maker support for lifesaving interventions. 

In an article for the Huffington Post, Mandy describes how the global water crisis creates consequences that go beyond mere physical illness. Affecting "education, empowerment and economic growth...women and girls are particularly vulnerable to its ill effects," says Mandy, adding that they are "too often the victims of sexual violence while fetching water."

"For those who may ponder the value of 'days' like this--they allow us to rally around the progress we've made and remind us that the job is far from complete," writes Mandy. 

For more information on World Water Day, lend your voice to those in need by visiting

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