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Exclusive Interview with Mandy Moore's Cat, Vincent!

What a week! Here at Mandy Moore Blog, we've covered Mandy Moore's 28th birthday celebration at Moonlight Rollerway with Ryan Adams and Minka Kelly, her Passover celebration with pal, Raina Penchansky, her attendance at Brad Goreski's West Hollywood bash sponsored by Kate Spade, and a special airing of "A Walk to Remember" on ABC Family

Capping off a great week, we're excited to present a first-ever MandyMooreBlog.com exclusive, a meet and greet with Mandy Moore's cat, Vincent!!!!


MandyMooreBlog: I appreciate you taking the time to meet us, Vincent. It's great to finally meet you.

Vincent: Meow.

MandyMooreBlog: Excuse me?

Vincent: I meant to say ditto. Sorry.

MandyMooreBlog: First off Vincent, I want to congratulate you on your recent rise to fame. A few weeks ago, you were featured in a photo by @TheMandyMoore, and this past Thursday, I see  you've been featured by @TheRyanAdams. How do you feel about all this?

Vincent:  Exhausted! You're my second interview today. I was on the line earlier with Modern Dog.

MandyMooreBlog: Modern Dog?

Vincent: Meo--I mean yes. It was a favor to Joni. She's close with the editor.

MandyMooreBlog: When did you find out Mandy Moore had tweeted your picture? Were you aware that Mandy has 2.4 million followers on Twitter?

Vincent: Well Mandy, she's the sly one. I logged on to check my portfolio and--

MandyMooreBlog: Your portfolio? I'm sorry to interrupt you Vincent, but you're in the market?

Vincent: Of course. I invest in companies who share my core values. Tempur-Pedic and Petco primarily.

MandyMooreBlog: It's where the pets go. Of course. I'm sorry Vincent, please continue.


Vincent: Well, I logged on to check my portfolio, and discovered a retweet of my picture she tweeted. I was shocked.

MandyMooreBlog: What did you say to her?

Vincent: Meow.

MandyMooreBlog: Meow?

Vincent: That's the abbreviated version.

MandyMooreBlog: What about Ryan's tweet? How did you find out about that one?

Vincent: Well after the incident with Mandy, I only had one option. I needed a laptop. Joni turned me onto the MacBook Pro, and she helped me build a compartment under my bed. I know everything about everything now.

MandyMooreBlog: Makes sense. Now just to clarify, Vincent, you're named after Vincent Van Gogh correct? I understand your brother is named after his brother, Theo.

Vincent: That's true, but I never understood why. I still have both ears.

MandyMooreBlog: Very true, Vincent. Happen to have any thoughts on this year's Presidential Election?

Vincent: No contest really. Candidates who lose the cat vote, lose the election. And Romney lost the cat vote when he tied his dog to the top of his car. 'Nuff said. Vote Obama. Meow.

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P.S. Any questions for a follow-up interview with Vincent? Make sure to follow us on Twitter and let us know!

VincentandTheo_mandymoorescats MandyMooreCat_Vincent
(Painting by Mandy Moore's brother, Kyle)

Mandy Moore Celebrates Passover with Minka Kelly!


In a Passover Seder that would do Cyrus Rose proud, Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams, and  Minka Kelly shared the festive holiday with pal, Raina Penchansky, on Friday.

"Happy Passover and Happy Good Friday... Excited to have Seder with @rp1313 and co this evening!!" tweeted Mandy.

While the event marked Mandy's first (known) Seder, it is not the first time she has been spotting recently with pal, Minka Kelly. Attending Brad Goreski's West Hollywood party together on March 14th,  Mandy celebrated her birthday with the radiant fellow actress this past Tuesday.

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Mandy Moore Goes Skating For Her 28th Birthday!


Mandy Moore was looking all sorts of adorable Tuesday, as she spent her 28th birthday at The Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale!

"They had a small table that was decked out in birthday balloons and flashing lights," an eyewitness told US Weekly. "She was a good skater! Mandy was laughing with her friends as they went around the rink, trying to dance to the music."

Joined by a small group of friends, hubby Ryan Adams and Minka Kelly were among those attending.

Mandy, as usual, rocked her look, pairing a red top with a casual pair of jeans with an oversized snake-skin bag.

Happy Birthday Mandy!

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P.S. Don't miss the pic of Mandy's arrival at The Moonlight Rollerway, earlier today!

MandyMooreBirthday_28_Arrival MandyMooreBirthday_28_Rollerderbyfull

Spotlight: Laura Marling's 'New Romantic' Video

In discussing Ryan Adams' collaboration with 21 year old singer/songwriter, Laura Marling, we couldn't help but spotlight one of Marling's best-known songs.

Entitled "New Romantic," it's a song that namedrops 'Ryan Adams' in its lyrics, but also starts with a catchy, upbeat tempo that mellows into a beautiful love song. The slower the song, the more Laura Marling sounds like Joan Baez, and that's always a good thing.


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Ryan Adams' 'Ashes & Fire' Draws Inspiration from UK's Laura Marling

Enjoying commerical success not seen since "Easy Tiger," Ryan Adams' top-ten album, "Ashes & Fire" has garnered rave reviews from Rolling Stone, The Guadian, and the Los Angeles Times. Yet for a masterwork that seems to strike at the heart of Ryan Adams' alt-country roots, it seems suprising, shocking even, that had it not been for 21 year old folk-singing phenom, Laura Marling, "Ashes & Fire" may have never been produced.

Born February 1990 in Eversley, Hampshire, Laura Marling came out of the London folk scene alongside Mumford & Sons and Johnny Flynn. A former member of UK musical group Noah and the Whale, Marling released her first solo record in 2008, entitled "Alas I Cannot Swim." A fan of Ryan Adams (who had even dropped his name in her single, "New Romantic"), Ryan returned the favor in 2011 by drawing on Marling for precious inspiration while working on his latest album.

In an interview for Live from Abbey Road, Ryan explains. "I actually threw out the record I was writing, and rewrote my record based on [Marling's] album because I thought to myself, 'Somebody's actually taking this very seriously. I should probably take this seriously!'"

Earning Ryan his best debut on the UK charts ever, "Ashes & Fire" has led to a further collaboration between the two artists. The pair came together in November 2011 to perform one of Ryan's best-known songs, "Oh My Sweet Carolina," for Live from Abbey Road.


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Mandy Moore feat. on "Ashes & Fire" by Ryan Adams

"Ashes & Fire" is not only a sensational album, it's also a family affair, with backup vocals for "Come Home" sung by Mandy Moore.

Like much of the heartfelt album, "Come Home" is a geniune reflection on love as only Ryan Adams can tell it. Sacrifice, loyalty, and love, echo throughout the heartfelt lyrics which read in part: "You built this home//This house is strong//You raised it with your love//A shelter from the winds//From the cold and dark."

"Come Home" incidentally, is Ryan's second track to be released this year with backup vocals by Mandy Moore. In June 2011, Ryan released the standalone single, "Empty Room."

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5 Gift Ideas for Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams Fans!

MandyMoore5GiftIdeasIt's that time of year again for yuletide carols and stocking stuffers, and if you happen to be shopping for that special Mandy Moore or Ryan Adams fan in your life, you're in luck! MandyMooreBlog.com is excited to present our inaugural 5 Gift Ideas for Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams Fans!

5. A well-known advocate in the field of global health and climate change, Mandy Moore's philanthropic journey has taken her from the Darfur region of Southern Sudan to here at home on Capitol Hill. Ryan Adams's vocal support of funding for the arts and AIDS research, meanwhile, has benefited Vh1's Save the Music, and New York's famous Housing Works Bookstore Cafe.  Together Mandy and Ryan are two of Tinseltown's most influential social activists. This year, give the gift of social activism by donating in the name of your very own Mandy Moore or Ryan Adams fan. It will make you and your loved one feel good, and you can bet its at the top of Mandy and Ryan's wishlist!

4. In the beginning of 2010, MandyMooreBlog.com celebrated the release of Neal Casel's photographic tribute to Ryan Adams and the Cardinals entitled "Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: A View of Other Windows." Nearly two years later, it remains one of the defining photographic collections featuring the band known for hits ranging from "Let It Ride," "Cold Roses," and "Dear John." Best of all, it's the perfect gift for Ryan Adams fans and rock enthusiasts alike!

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Ryan Adams Releases Winter '11/12 Tour Dates!

RyanAdams_Newalbum2011_Ashes&FireGrammy Award-nominated rocker and hubby of Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams has formally announced tour dates for his critically acclaimed 2011 album, Ashes & Fire!

Kicking off in Philadelphia, PA for a date at the Academy of Music on December 2nd, 2011, Adams crisscrosses the Eastern seaboard for performances at New York's Carnegie Hall and Toronto's Winter Garden Theatre before heading West for shows in Cleveland, St. Louis, Denver, and overseas for shows in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melborne, Australia. 

Adams third album in little more than a year, Ashes & Fire is a "return to instinctive Adams songwriting," effuses Ally Carnwath of The Guardian in an recent review. "Gentle dewy-eyed country and soulful pop...there's pleasure in such smooth, elegantly crafted songs." 

Ryan Adams 2011-2012 Tour Dates:

12/02 – Philadelphia, PA @ Academy of Music
12/04 – Baltimore, MD @ Lyric Opera House
12/06 – New York, NY @ Carnegie Hall
12/08 – Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
12/10 – Toronto, ON @ Winter Garden Theatre
12/11 – Chicago, IL @ Cadillac Place
12/13 – Minneapolis, MN @ State Theatre
01/24 – Bethesda, MD @ Strathmore
01/25 – Cleveland, OH @ Ohio Theatre at Playhouse Square
01/27 – Ann Arbor, MI @ Hill Auditorium (Ann Arbor Folk Festival)
01/30 – Louisville, KY @ The Louisville Palace
01/31 – St. Louis, MO @ Peabody Opera House
02/01 – Kansas City, MO @ Music Hall
02/03 – Denver, CO @ Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre
02/25 – Perth, AU @ Perth Concert Hall
02/28 – Sdyney, AU @ Sydney Opera House
03/01 – Brisbane, AU @ Qpac Concert Hall
03/03 – Melbourne, AU @ Regent Theatre

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Happy Second Wedding Anniversary Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams!

MandyMoore_RyanAdams2ndAnniversary MandyMooreBlog.com would like to wish Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams a happy and joyful second wedding anniversary!

On this day two years ago, Mandy and Ryan concluded a month-long engagement with an intimate wedding ceremony in Savannah, Georgia.

Joined by Pastor Steven Schulte, the couple invited just two witnesses to a simple service described as "so romantic" by wedding planner Chad Baker.

"Ryan turned and took Mandy's face in both of his hands and gave her another kiss. I just can't stress how happy they seemed," he said.

More recently, the couple marked yet another milestone as Ryan watched Mandy take Hollywood's largest stage at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary, Mandy and Ryan!

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Mandy Moore Attends Hollywood Premiere of Disney's Tangled!

MandyMoore_Tangled_Film_Premiere2 In a celebration we won't soon forget, Mandy Moore joined Zachary Levi, Jeffrey Tambor and others for a star-studded appearance at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre, Sunday, November 14th for the premiere of Disney's newest animated feature, Tangled!

Rocking the red carpet in a vintage one-shoulder Carolyne Roehm dress, the camera loved Mandy as the newest Disney princess finished the ensemble in Kara Ackerman pave studs and a glittery pair of Jimmy Choos. Former Cardinals frontman and hubby Ryan Adams accompanied the ever-lovely Mandy.

Don't miss the nationwide premiere of Disney's Tangled in 2D and 3D, this Wednesday, November 24th, 2010!

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