Swinging with the Finkels

Watch the Short that Inspired Mandy's Upcoming Flick, "Swinging with the Finkels!"

MandyMooreBlog.com is excited to offer the groundbreaking short film, "Sex with the Finkels!"

Forming the original concept for Mandy Moore's latest film Swinging with the Finkels, the seven minute feature stars Beverley Limbrick and Christian Malcolm.

Written and directed by Jonathan Newman, the film tells the story of a couple who experiment with swinging as a means of spicing up their relationship. A tongue-in-cheek comedy with its share of straight-faced laughs, "Sex with the Finkels" offers biting satire with plenty of good intention.  

Featured on SwingingwiththeFInkels.com, the video is at the center of recent publicity for the upcoming movie starring Mandy Moore and Martin Freeman.


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"Swinging with the Finkels" Launches with a New Site and Poster!

Swingingwiththefinkels_MandyMoore MandyMooreBlog.com is proud to announce the launch of the official Swinging with the Finkels website!

Featuring an impressive section dedicated to the film's star-studded cast and crew, SwingingwiththeFinkels.com treats fans to an array of social networking links pointing to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Flickr

Delighting visitors with a gorgeous new theme, the website also features an enlarged version of the newly released movie poster. Featuring Mandy Moore and co-star, Martin Freeman, the adorable pair appear alongside the film's signature line, reading, "It's certainly not boring anymore!"

As an added bonus, fans can also learn about the film's noted writer and director, Jonathan Newman!

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Jerry Stiller Offers Thoughts on Upcoming Release of "Swinging with the Finkels"


Recently, we featured the very talented Mandy Moore as she offered thoughts about her upcoming release, Swinging with the Finkels. Co-star Jerry Stiller also sat down with Movieweb.com for a wide-ranging interview in which he touched on his starring role with Mandy Moore in the 2010 release. 

As a former Seinfeld and King of Queens cast member, Stiller should be a familiar face to TV enthusiasts. Playing a psychologist and father of Mandy Moore in the Finkels movie, he offered a short summary of the highly-anticipated film. "[Swinging with the Finkels] is a story about a husband and wife who [are] very upscale and he's close to Cambridge and she's a fashion designer," said the 82 year old actor. "They have two friends, and their sex life is kind of going down after 15 years. And they decide to...save their marriage through swinging!" 

Explaining that the film has also been helpful in other ways-- like landing a starring role on Mercy, Stiller revealed one as-of-yet unknown bright side for fans of Mandy Moore: Finkels has a happy ending! 

While the film's final release date has not yet been determined, this film is one that we can't miss!

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Mandy Moore Attends Launch Party for L.A. Boutiques, Madison & Diavolina!


Returning home from London recently, a glowing Mandy Moore took Los Angeles by storm at the long-awaited opening party for West L.A.'s hottest new boutiques, Madison and Diavolina. Benefitting the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the party also featured special guests, actresses Lucy Hale and Tichina Arnold.

Last night's bash was of special importance to Mandy, who shares a close relationship with its hosts, Merrit Elliott and Emily Current. Longtime Hollywood stylists, the pair received nothing but kind words from an exuberant Mandy who commented to People Magazine, "I couldn't be more excited for their success. I adore them, and I am always happy to come out. Anything to show my love."

Since departing for London to shoot her latest film, Swinging With the Finkels, Mandy has enjoyed scant time with her adoring sweetie, singer-songwriter Ryan Adams. Gushing to EOnline, Mandy noted about newly married life, "I'm learning everyday. I'm lucky because I get to spend time everyday with my best friend!" As for kids? "Life is good," said Mandy. "I'm sure somewhere down the road, somewhere in the future...it's in the cards for us."

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Mandy Moore Offers Thoughts on "Swinging with the Finkels"

Mandy Moore has taken London by storm recently, shooting her latest movie entitled Swinging with Finkels. The film, which is due out in 2010, features Mandy and co-star Martin Freeman as a married couple who turn to desperate measures to spice up their love-lives.

Despite the risque subject, however, Mandy insists the movie comes from an innocent place. In a recent video filed by Reuter's reporter Jim Drury, Mandy Moore was asked for her take on the film's overall theme. 

"When I describe Swinging with the Finkels to friends, I definitely say its a romantic comedy," says Mandy. I don't know if you need to say anything outside of that!" 

According to producer Deepak Nayar, the true character of the film comes from its one-of-a-kind setting. "What we wanted to do, was show London the same way Woody Allen shows New York," he said. "We wanted to show iconic things in London."

Personally, we can't wait to see this film come to life on the big screen!

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